Help Mihailo, every donation - no matter how small - is welcome.


Motivate Mihailo

“Hello, my name is Mihailo. I study history at the university of Kyiv. Because of the war I had to leave my home in Irpin. For the moment I am in Lviv. As I cannot flee my country I will stay here. But I need your help to buy food, clothes and, if possible to help my close friends. It is urgent because we do not know what will happen, how long we will have food to buy, how much it will cost. And how long we can stay in touch.”
Picture of the initiators of this campaign

Who are we?

Who are we? Arno, Eline, François, Joppe and Wout, students of KU Leuven who are all enrolled in the course 'European integration since 1945'. We joined forces after a call to support Mihailo, from student to student.


What are we doing?

We set up this initiative to motivate Mihailo. So that he is able to survive. To keep going. To also help his fellow students.

Fights in the streets

Mihailo had to leave his house because of the fights and bombing. He fled to Lviv and is unable to leave the country.

Financial support

Prices have risen sharply due to food shortages and supply problems. Any support is welcome to buy food for Mihailo and his friends.

Help my friends

Mihailo and his friends have fled to Lviv. They can use any support to buy food and living supplies.

What can you do?

In addition to transferring money, you can reach out to your own network, encourage other students to support this initiative or set up a support campaign yourself. Let us know!

Image of Professor Steven Van Hecke (KU Leuven)

The wave of solidarity with refugees on the border of Ukraine and here with us in Belgium is nothing short of heartwarming. But we must also not forget those who cannot flee and seek refuge. They, too, deserve our support. That is why I am very happy with this initiative which turns words into deeds. And by taking small steps, it can make a world of difference for those involved. I can't help but think of the well-known Talmudic saying: 'Whoever saves one human life, saves the whole world.''

Who is Mihailo?

Mihailo is a pseudonym in order to protect his privacy and above all not endanger his safety.
His real name is known to the initiators of this campaign.